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  1. well ive never seen anyone write it anywhere. only online. so i guess im good.
  2. I write Mesk. I like the letter combination, but i've heard it's really common.. or is this name just a bad name? Let me know what you think.
  3. yeah i figured. it doesnt seem like a whole lot goes on around here but its good for what it is i guess. i'd like to meet some people that actually do write in my area though.
  4. i can only go so far on foot and i have actually done that.. ive seen quite a bit, but i wanted input from actual people that might write down here. it's weird how asking simple questions get bullshit responses. what's the point of having a graffiti discussion thread?...
  5. Do any of you write in HB? I just wanna say what's up and see what the scene's like 'cause i just moved here. Ive noticed some stuff but haven't been around enough to check everything out. Is it dead in HB or is there a decent graff scene?
  6. I carry a big ass military knife.. im too tiny to hold my own without a weapon
  7. Tweaker bitches are nastaaay
  8. It's sketchy in huntington beach.. a lot of people dont like graff around here and a lot are big on that neighborhood watch shit. i usually scope out a spot for a while before i hit it if its out in the open
  9. i document everything. even random stuff when im just walking around at night.
  10. B.MAIO


    My mentors are everyone that writes in my area since i have no one to really look up to.
  11. Montana Electric Blue Molotow Burner Chrome
  12. B.MAIO


    Shamu and Lesbo. not well known at all i dont think, but they write in my neck of the woods..
  13. B.MAIO

    Specific look?

    im super short.. i dont give a shit
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