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  1. Fools are serious about their tight pants.
  2. Dude you've had like 1494940 jobs And lived in 494949494944 different places Shut the fuck up already.
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahaahhaha. Told you he's retarded.
  4. First stop f********** tn
  5. Is here. I've gathered as much information as needed. Goodbye.
  6. Cool dude. You the man. Dao seriously makes 10.50 an hour working the 2nd shift at a warehouse.
  7. Bullshit. Yes I'm visibly upset.
  8. Not many in my city thank god. I went to sf once. Lots of hipster kids.
  9. No the number one defense is. I'm not a hipster followed by what's a hipster.
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