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  1. ay fmk dont wrry they hate cali kids on here. i knew that kid inept he was a good guy untill he got into drugs sex and graffiti then it just went downhill for him there he just closed himself into his little rusto bubble and didnt come out unless it was for caps. i felt bad tried to get hm help once. it was in the walmart parking lot when i said..... hey inept....... you need help. before i could say anything else he went off into the woods screaming something about social decency is no longer and the toolbags who help currupt the world is to blame. idk he wigged out but its ok he calls me from time to time telling me about his crazy adventures around the world.... but im sure thats just the LSD and PCP talking. inept go on a trip around the world to meet people? well thats just not like him. bump nak fmk hijak nouse MTC's inept. k4a pta mws. a;;; dayyyyyyy. oh and fuck respo i caught him slipping and took his paint and drugs mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm drugsssssssssss WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT IT BITCHHHHHHHHHHHH
  2. It's like your mom dirty grimey and I love staying in it and dark horse I know you and I don't owe you shit if you thinking of punking me try again I know what time it is that's myyyyyy spot shown to me by MY friend before Poe was even in the city. I ain't your bitch foo. I got respect for your style. But if you want beef then that's what it is. Pm me.
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