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Everything posted by moneybaby404

  1. PART_1331692213313 by CCCxIrene, on Flickr margin....
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. done for a friend Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. i write from Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. yo im feelin everything on here... i aint been writin much lately but i think its about time i start piecing again. Posting a little sumthing later. Time to hop on them sketches.
  6. I'm diggin the xchange phere, the piece is dope. And no prob bro.
  7. this is a cool thread and all, but i don't like the fact that some kids try to rush into learning this stuff.. i mean you should at least have years of painting skills and sketches before trying to do this stuff.. a lot of these kids should still be posting in toy threads, not even thinking about this, but what do i know.. I'm still a toy myself.
  8. Phere exchange... accidentally left out the connection between the P and H, but oh well.
  9. iight bro. im about to start practicing my hands and hop on that exchange.. have it up later.
  10. ^^ diggin the bottom right corner
  11. anybody got any tips for improving my handstyles? my simples are on point, but i can never seem to get my hands down.
  12. i hear you on that one... ive seen a guy get cut before... it always messes with my head...
  13. ^^^ yea lets hit up that exchange. so phere is it?
  14. Caught this earlier this year at mardigras.
  15. TOTEM. Caught this the last time i was in atlanta
  16. ^^^ i'll be sure to check that out and look for some chill walls later today. but heres that wood lol... like my 3rd time painting and first time trying 3d's..
  17. i think i kinda messed up this one with the thick outline..uhh idk. And doesnt everybody just love when sharpies smudge?! Crits please.
  18. yea, my styles been changing up a bit.. im just experimenting with new stuff.
  19. lol.. i got nowhere to paint in my area except for this big piece of plywood in my backyard...
  20. first piece using vanishing point 3d's. think it came out pretty good for the first time.. Tips and pointers appreciated.
  21. new to 12oz.. this is just a piece i did for my friend... crits apprecciated.
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