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  1. PART_1331692213313 by CCCxIrene, on Flickr margin....
  2. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  3. done for a friend Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  4. i write from Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. yo im feelin everything on here... i aint been writin much lately but i think its about time i start piecing again. Posting a little sumthing later. Time to hop on them sketches.
  6. I'm diggin the xchange phere, the piece is dope. And no prob bro.
  7. this is a cool thread and all, but i don't like the fact that some kids try to rush into learning this stuff.. i mean you should at least have years of painting skills and sketches before trying to do this stuff.. a lot of these kids should still be posting in toy threads, not even thinking about this, but what do i know.. I'm still a toy myself.
  8. Phere exchange... accidentally left out the connection between the P and H, but oh well.
  9. iight bro. im about to start practicing my hands and hop on that exchange.. have it up later.
  10. ^^ diggin the bottom right corner
  11. anybody got any tips for improving my handstyles? my simples are on point, but i can never seem to get my hands down.
  12. i hear you on that one... ive seen a guy get cut before... it always messes with my head...
  13. ^^^ yea lets hit up that exchange. so phere is it?
  14. Caught this earlier this year at mardigras.
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