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  1. that kue and court is hot and bump the nsfs
  2. does anybody have a flick of the billboard that was done in robinson on the parkway? didnt run more then a day or 2. i spotted a guy buffing it this morning couldnt flick it.
  3. what was on that wall before astro and rams?
  4. rams kue and astro. nice fuckin post!
  5. tisk tisk tisk.. wouldnt be the first time thats happened.
  6. soviet gipsy fist juicy posts!
  7. bump the nsfs. 19 years and counting
  8. bump them oldies!!! great post cyclops. and that sedat and seven are wicked as hell
  9. that sov is the freshest on the streets so far this year.. bump the nsfs
  10. you talk as much shit as the next person. you make as much difference as a fart in a hurricane.. your not worth my fucking time.
  11. I wasnt talking shit asshole. I was trying to state a fact that one shit talker brings out the rest of them. So quit running your cock sucker and waving your dick skinners and paint something. Thank you, sincerely the kid with skinny jeans.
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