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  1. Solvents

    the NEW sketch thread

    Decy that sketch is on point jus like all of your work, and core i suggest you stick to youtube toyin' haha
  2. Solvents

    the NEW sketch thread

    Very dope up there Shin, keen on the colours
  3. Solvents

    the NEW sketch thread

    dope colours on that first sketch Riss, although on the last note the n looks a little too much like an s
  4. Solvents

    Toys post here...

    Keen on the green eggs and ham sketch man, keep it up.
  5. Solvents

    Toys post here...

    yo mista on those sketches i recokon you should tone down on the madness of the extentions but keep the overall flow of the letters, good stuff though
  6. Solvents

    Best Usernames

    Spotted CAPTAIN SAVE A HOE a few times
  7. Solvents

    The Nonsense thread

    eazy-e got taller ^
  8. Solvents

    Anyone noticed this when you google 12ounceprophet

    just noticed that, whats the deal with it then?
  9. Solvents

    Canvas Thread

    dopeness ^
  10. Solvents

    the TOY paint thread...

    nice and clean mind
  11. Solvents

    Toys post here...

    eido, that looks good, you should definitely colour it
  12. Solvents

    Toys post here...

    fresh stuff vossy
  13. Solvents

    the NEW sketch thread

    fresh stuff skum
  14. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD yeah whats the story?