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Rezon NY shity

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  1. the internet crates alot of brave heart clowns. . . which is why people boost they ego and down play other to cause drama. . . but its whateva you know a true graf head starts off as a toy and works his way up. . . just like all the other legends
  2. o fcourse beef is apart of it. . . but when its mindless senseless shit?. . . it makes no damn sense at all. . . like someone coming and sharing what they have, fine they might not be good but maybe they just started? no now a days everyone will hate that person just because. . . nad if you ask me its lame. if ima talk shit about someone or beef with someone better believe its gonna be worth my time
  3. graffiti is full of big ego and people who are full of them self. . . that's whats destroying graffiti
  4. this would only be a nice novelty for a store just for kicks and laughs
  5. damn some peoples egos are just way to big for they own good. . . some of ya need to chill out
  6. DASH SNOW you will be missed but never forgotten SACER
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