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  1. Hrmm, I'll have to bust out the ol' camera one day to take detail shots... I'll see what I can do.


    @Fist - the back is kinda messed up because each layer I added scrubbed off the layer below so its kind of a trainwreck on the back


    New vid & new painting



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  2. Lookin good in here lately boys, if not a big stagnant. Lets keep this thread bumpin!


    I was busy this weekend, painted a few pieces, and filmed it timelapse style.













    Stay hard

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  3. Nice one mek i love the colours.



    Here's a few new ones


    12" x 48" - acrylics and markers



    Grabbing your classmate's bum makes me a saaaad pannnnda :(




    Boredom Doodles on cardboard



  4. LabRat bringing the heat!!! Are you using paint markers Lab? If so which ones? I usually spray my backgrounds but its hard to find paint markers that cover well on canvas other than metallics.


    Most paint markers require at least two coats for a good result ...


    or a white base for light colours like yellow or orange

  5. depends i guess,

    the manbearpig piece was spraypaint background, and mostly paintmarkers, the grey/purple/green jams piece was entirely acrylics with a paintbrush, and some airbrush galactic effects, with a wee bit'o black and white paint marker to do the tiny circles

  6. Thanks guys, i just randomly placed the painting on my bunker jacket, it seemed to line up nicely with the piece because i guess the planets and the moons were aligned that day or something ....


    Here's one i started years ago, put in storage, and finished (finally) today. Its a bit more wacky...


    A couple of Boybearpiggies (Manbearpig cubs) hanging out - 24" x 36"



  7. or you guys could stop being jerks and just answer the question.


    i've always enjoyed elmers paint markers, easy to open and mix colours, and most colours are decently opaque.


    molotow paint markers are ok too...


    now you can go and experiment

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