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  1. go seahawks go!! i just wanted to leave these somewhere Screen-Shot-2015-01-23-at-8.18.03-AM.png?resize=49
  2. ohh hi guyz!! woo oontz ooontz baby Al what the hell was that video? straight embarrassing..
  3. it was a bitch move, accident or not. i dont think the lions D would get the job done without Suh, and i feel if it had been earlier in the season he would def be sitting a game. But its a playoff game and the nfl wants those ratings! im hoping for a close game and obviously that the cowboys lose. lol
  4. final thoughts for 2014, despite some losses it was a good year RIP to my grams, my uncle and my brother from another you are missed.. Big thanks to all my fam and friends for dealing with my shit Looking forward to an even better new year.. Happy 2015 to all you fucks. hope you get to do what you want to do :D ooh and i hear theres an update coming maybe this years the year
  5. the sliding scale the nfl uses is way off sometimes but dont the fines go into some fund for injured old retired players?? wouldnt you rather beat the lions at full strength? eventho the lions dont stand a chance without him.
  6. reading back on my last comment has me just as confused.. lol i dont think i meant like ra rah root for the eagles but i am glad Giants didnt get the W bc yes now they have a top 10 pick coming.. Also did not see the cowboys taking the division and i hope they get booted with the quickness not sure if detroit is up to the task without Suh
  7. i always had the thots for marge happy holidays to all that are still around this tumbleweed deserted wasteland
  8. how the hell are the eagles underdogs to the giants?? those predictions are fair.. i dont want to see seattle repeat i dont want the pats to win either. not sure whom im gonna be rooting for other than the eagles this week!?
  9. ^lol maybe he organizes what gets put on the shelf unit?
  10. gonna make a me a pizza pie tonight with fresh mozz n basil pizza hut is gross..
  11. idk if both the boys and eagles will make it, cowboys defense is the most suspect and i think the colts have the highest scoring offense this year should be a good game
  12. sorry couldnt bother with clicking the link.. cheers thats not true. seems like a novel idea and i actually watched the video. it seems cool if it works well. good luck
  13. collinsworth and jon gruden always be doing that. There have been lots of questionable calls/non calls. not much we can do about it i think the cowboys will win if their offense can keep their defense off the field. bills wr made a sweet one handed helmet catch last night. ohh yeah not knocking him because romo is a good qb, but p. manning and brady have close to double the amount of game winning drives as him.. pretty sure even eli has more.
  14. im surprised it was actually a game. the giants had their chances to win too, i havent seen them score on the first 3 drives of a game in a reeeaally long time. that beckham jr catch was wild.. ima post the picture for spite as its one of the only positives for them looking forward to the thanksgiving games i'll be rooting for the eagles over the cowboys
  15. ^lol i had plans to introduce her to the fam for thanksgiving woe is me
  16. trash da bench girl smash the big gummed one recently arrested protsittues from trenton ttstt ttttt
  17. yoo dog, lemme know if u win another.. croc both those vehicles are nice
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