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  1. should i stay or should i go
  2. well ive made ink that stained better than oink and honestly, i know that no ink is unbuffable but i like to make them work harder for there money
  3. jesus... calm down he said it was his mix not ink oink isnt that great tho it wiped right off with xylene
  4. no its not we dont know about it so try it out could be good could be shit experiment
  5. hahaha that was pretty good :lol:
  6. i write penis is it taken?
  7. acrylic is permanent they paint houses with it it wont wash off or fade
  8. haha your listening to the stuff i told you on bombing science good job and keep it up
  9. dope shit make it to the guy asking about the pilol/kiwi its because the pilot is xylene based and kiwi is water when you mixed it it congeled
  10. you can add ink into paint but not paint into ink
  11. Toners are mixed with Polymers. (symilar to PVA and ones in acrylic paint).. ive had troubles with these in the past. but the pigments are quite decent. Take your toner.. take a miture of 1/5 alcohol to 4/5 water.. mix it as best as you can.. and microwave.. ionising and heating till all moisture is gone.. repeat this twice.. then there you go. usable. __________________
  12. they stoped making it I used to use it alot and its pretty nice
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