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  1. Re: STYLEISKING / purplenerple -- DUAL APPRECIATION THREAD ULTRA HYPER COMBO INFINATE purplenerple run the s or t thread fully appreciation given
  2. I cant even sit down at my job let alone use the internet...gheyy..
  3. my family is pretty tight. my two cousins my age near me are my best friends. My mom is to straight edge and my dads a onesided douche that cant be wrong. EVER. but i love em both. Big family 11 people in my house currently. i dont get a long with my 17 year old sister(emo tpwf). she pisses me off dude.. but she likes art so we talk about that when we arent yelling at eachother. i have an autistic brother. and everyone else has add adhd or is dyslexic pretty much haha. its chill tho. my parents dont like me doing graff but they like it as an artform. about half my family is artsy and the other half like sports. im in the middle tho,,, thats about it.i guess..my family is pretty religious and functions pretty well..
  4. when i was younger i became so depressed that i couldnt function in public and in every day life. I have to be pulled out of school. and had to be home schooled for awhile until i got over it. its not fun and i thought about suicide a few times but like my psychiatrist said its only temporary and you can overcome it. Half of the time you need to change somethin big. for example doing drugs..some people can doing drugs drink and smoke weed and keep them selves together but some cant. one of my friends in a mental home and every time she leave it shes fine until she slips and does drugs again then she changes quickly and spirals back into a deep depression.. but i dont feel that suicide is ever an acceptable option. sure you don't know whats going on in the persons head. but if they are treated correctly then can overcome it. they don't need to kill themselves. think about how many people your leavin behind that care about you..i hate talking about this shit but i felt the need to post i guess..
  5. pics or it didnt happen...
  6. one more haha Stranger: does it hurt when someone fucks your pussy? You: a little the first time. my dick is pretty big... You: i mean my pussy is tight. You: or used to be... Stranger: stop that You: sorry its to fun You: am i throwin your fap game off? Stranger: so your pussy is tight?
  7. oh and this... You: do you like anal or no? Stranger: yeah, do you? You: not really ive tried it tho. You: it hurts the first few times.. You: it squeased my cock to hard.. You: i mean hurt my butthole.... Stranger: why do you keep saying cock? You: to confuse you. You: haha i was just kidding silly.. Stranger: okay this guys fucked up yo wtf...haha
  8. My convo can be summed up to this little part lol You: i have well sized but not to big tits with a firm ass Stranger: thats nice :) You: a cute face with hair a little past my shoulders You: 2 piercings on my ears and a belly ring Stranger: you sound hot Stranger: =] You: i used to have my nipple pierced also You: i tend to be easy to get naked i dont know y.. You: i have bright green eyes and a small tatoo right above my cock You: i mean pussy.... Stranger: what?
  9. Connecting to server... Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about! Stranger: http://www.redtube.com/1030 Your conversational partner has disconnected. :lol: :lol: im about to check you the video now i hope its hilarious.
  10. False, even though i am a big dude. TPBM drinks diet sodas.
  11. One day I came on the oonntz and went to look at channel zero and almost every thread had the last comment by ssgg and i hadn't heard of him yet(this was back in like January or somethin') i looked at his page and he had somewhere up towards 25 post a day at the time. /nolife
  12. Fuck this game yo i have to get up at 8 and Ive been playing for over 2 hours already..
  13. false, but i did get my wisdom teeth out not to long ago. painkillers for days yo. TPBM has been writing for over 10 years.
  14. Thats shits Metal as Fuck props
  15. And the winner is.. Seriously these shits are so fuckin gross..
  16. my father used so to say when i was little and got all bitchy about not having shit. "I once felt bad because i had no gloves until I saw someone with no hands." "I once felt bad because i had no shoes until I saw someone with no feet" follow by a woopin usually.ha. Be grateful for what ya got. Im grateful for lots. A job, a place to live, food, family, friends, no big trauma within the fam lately..lifes good yo.
  17. Re: MrChupacabra Im pretty sure you said you were 20...not so grown ass man..
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