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Everything posted by DurkStevens

  1. I go all around dc almost everyday for hours and all I see is what i can from a car for the most part and I def see more than that list daily.
  2. found on the 209 thread. Bump moms. Free Rebar! see you soon homieeeee
  3. I dunno if i posted these yet. [/img]
  4. pfffftt....Rustos are still great. If you cant make em work that's on you.
  5. I like rusto more than euro paint shits to low pressure.. rusto with bostons all dayyy. The homie slip! Buffed.
  6. Mad Tight Crew sinus live sinus live sinus live
  7. ohhhhh youll see me kickin it with lucy molly and my kat soon bmore! its almost that timeeeeee
  8. I caught a line of tropicanas that had like 3 or 4 cedas on it rollin outta dc into va maybe a month ago too actually......thats whats up.
  9. Sorry! I should stick to chill spots and 90s graffiti reposts i forgot..
  10. Its all good yo he aint serious..hes a good dude but I yaaa....u shouldn't be so quick to put a crew out like that. especially if ur not in it for real for real...godddd I feel strunggg as hell I need to magically become tired and pass the fuck out.
  11. yaaaaahhhhhhh...You stay outta the dmv faggot, Come visit me and see if i dont peein in ur fuckin butt boy! :mad:
  12. haha y'all are makin' DC sound grimey as shit. I can count on one or two hands how many actually threatening situations ive been in. Aint the 90s anymore.
  13. ^^Orrrrrrrrr I can just eat acid, sit on a couch for a while and watch my walls melt.
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