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  1. they make mouth rinses that can make you pass them that you use like 30 min b4 the test. This dude I know swished his mouth out w hydrogen peroxide and passed I dunno if its legit or if he just got lucky but it worked for him...
  2. Someone elses turn...post more.
  3. oo ee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bangg
  4. My cousin put me on to doin it. slice of apple cheese and salami or what ever meat you want on a cracker. Delicious snack food. I never woulda done thought of it.
  5. !!!!!! I was doin k on friday and my boy had me watch this it was awesome. Funny you posted it a few days after. I had never heard of it. Cool story bro? I think soooo
  6. Give me the "getback" now. pm me tell me where to go ill come right now.. you wont Im ready. No weapons just fists I bet you end up knocked out real quick have fun with ur medicals bills.. PM ME I DARE YOU
  7. Hahaha. Faggot. Come see us if you have a problem. I dare you...You aint hittin no one with a bat...Why didnt you do anything that night when you saw em???? Cuz ur a pussy. Lemmie know whos gunna rag our shit..I would love to know...Im sure nothings gonna get touched keep talkin out your ass. Keep this garbage off boards like footsteps said PM if you feel the need to keep runnin your dick sucker. ^Incase you dont know who the fucks talkin to you.
  8. and he went over this... Dumbass lil toys...
  9. That sinus is tight. that snek looks like ass. Leans shit comin together. Ugly Kidz looks nice as always.
  10. Jesus fucking christ that wins is fire
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