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Everything posted by DurkStevens

  2. U know what im talkin about.....................
  3. Cuz a lot of the Ch0 heads are crazy. I swear if you posted the same thing on an account with full greenpons or a new account or a tampon account that was gross they would be completely different. ex. that butt hole chops posted in the greazzy beard thread If at was not chopsticks that posted it that dude woulda been a full blooded tampon by now.
  4. That last video needs more arrowzzzz
  5. Some of you have no idea what a straight letter is....
  6. Re: GOD DAMN NIGGER PRESIDENT My Lambos blue!
  7. "I'M GONNA POST A NON WORK-SAFE GIF OR GET BANNED" superthread should take effect
  8. Except it wasnt actually some fish....It was fine....not some cut...but not some fishhhh....
  9. Writers who like all their shit never get better. I cant stand when people are constantly tellin me how happy they are with how their piece is comin along and ohhhh look at my fill ohhhh look at that nice line right durrrrr...fuckem. ps every time I come to the yard or the third rail I get pissed off at all these gay threads. pps. Y did I even comment? ppps. cuz im a loser and nothing better to doooooooo pppps. fukt u
  10. Found a condom hangin off a tree limb once... Homie found a ball on the ground inside a 7 11 in DC too.
  11. On a more important note...I see pictures like that and want some pronz with an ass to match and I get disappointed every fuckin time and all I can find are the down syndrome versions of them....ten times darker...nasty flab asses...and ashy vagina's.... :mad:
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