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  1. Due to lack of flicks.........some bullshitting...
  2. This thread.....blegh...........
  3. Fant and Snek, hellz yes, bumpity bumpbumpbump.......
  4. I know your probably too stupid to listen to anyone at this point, and this post will just contribute to the e-bullshit, I just really couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer.... But dude, really? You may just be whinier on the internet than you are in real life, which after meeting you I didn't think was possible. I should have knocked you out when I had the chance, and then cut your fingers off so you couldn't make any more of these stupid posts. How long will you have to be gone before you stop, and accept the fact that nobody here likes you and these posts aren't helping?
  5. Also cant believe someone put a stupid ass face over that ergot rooftop on broad, way lame................ Fuck the chatter, TNS
  6. changed names and such. Theyre still around......or at least one that I know of....
  7. Those Jimy tags are nifty Seer Live Cajen Eyeball Hunt
  8. I just posted some pictures, so i feel the slight need/entitlement to post a couple stupid ones. Yay.
  9. Dunno if anyones posted this yet or not
  10. ^^^YEAH. That shit looks cool. Drunk. and by drunk I mean I'm drunk. BAM. May internet karma have pity on all the fools.
  11. Same deal, some more from the same thread that were forgotten.... I know that sigh has been posted several times already I think, but fuck it.....
  12. The rest of that one train..........stolen from the same thread, thanks foxmulder
  13. I Like that Hemp straight. Tall, lean, and shiny. Props.
  14. Cens3

    Wash DC

    The nerve!!! :lol: In all seriousness though......bump this
  15. Huf, Snek, Fant, Sime, Rei Nice post
  16. Jeezus this is ridiculous. Don't make me post legal pictures on here. I'll do it, and you will all rue the day.
  17. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- This shit is super dope. And, I might be trippin, maybe I'm just imagining it, but this looks like the same spot/wall from the scene in pineapple express where the two main characters get in a fight....its even the same style, altho a completely different painting.... Meh. Maybe I'm just going crazy.
  18. Since this thread is relatively dead.....
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