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    Diggin' up this hella old thread to see who else on here has an Etsy? I just made one and uploaded a few shirts. Anyone King of the Hill fans? If you order a Tee mention 12oz and ill toss a lil somethin' extra :) Also if you have an idea for a shirt or want some shirts printed send me a message! Thanks http://www.etsy.com/shop/BlackCatTees
  2. r1char

    korny 2012

    Re: kony 2012 "stop kony now #notswag"
  3. http://youtu.be/XIBeiwfwkmY
  4. Bored. Diggin' threw my archive trying to resurrect some old shots.
  5. 60 day juice diet with Fred Durst! http://fred60.tumblr.com/ That dude ever change his number?
  6. I need some of your opinions! Should i snatch this up? The back rim is bent to shit, as well is the sprocket.. Its a Redline Signature Cruiser 2000 or 2001. He wants $50 for it... But rims online are looking pretty pricey so that has me on the fence.. I've always wanted a 24in cruiser, but i dont know.. Or I could get this Specalized HardRock Sport thats in very good shape for $75 What do you think?
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