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  1. and i bet you would like to see someone on the streets to arrest em..... fucking pig.
  2. half that shit sucks anyway cept for the aiek joint. and it doesnt take a rockett scientist to find graffiti. espically for cops. and even if your not a cop. your wack as fuck.
  3. That hunt! Sigh Radio jimy Stoe Finally a good post!
  4. stop talking so godamn much and post some flicks. bump the homie guse
  5. AI POUT RUSLE AGENT by nightsalone, on Flickr RUSLE POUT by nightsalone, on Flickr CENSE HUNT by extrabox, on Flickr Ocult Pear by TheHarshTruthOfTheCameraEye, on Flickr ocult pear by nite-owl, on Flickr HUNT by BLACK VOMIT, on Flickr SIGH & HUNT by BLACK VOMIT, on Flickr bump all this!!
  6. SUEY by ..:Metro Assault:.., on Flickr suey D30?!?!?!?!
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