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  1. thedudeman

    Modesto 209

    [/url] by The Slotr House Massacre, on Flickr by The Slotr House Massacre, on Flickr Booty! by The Slotr House Massacre, on Flickr
  2. thedudeman

    Graff ON girls [part 2]

  3. thedudeman

    Modesto 209

    And for those who actually care what the pieces look like hahaha:
  4. thedudeman

    Modesto 209

  5. thedudeman

    Modesto 209

  6. thedudeman

    Don't Call it Frisco

    oyster = not a rookie.
  7. thedudeman

    the NEW sketch thread

    He cut it out of a magazine or book or some shit.. lol
  8. thedudeman

    Modesto 209

    bump the nigga ramr.ctv.ugs
  9. thedudeman

    Don't Call it Frisco

    Ted Ginn? Yea, Ted Ginn.
  10. thedudeman

    Burners and Style!

    Well technically.... ..It's ON the wall ;)
  11. thedudeman

    Modesto 209

  12. thedudeman

    Modesto 209

    Damn bump the last like 9 pages. All the old school shit is wassup.. Looks like this thread just got off life support.. Props to everyone who gives a shit enough to keep this thread alive..
  13. thedudeman

    Modesto 209

    This is definitely deserving of a few more bumps.. This shit is sick.. Cant wait to see it on a wall soon!! hopefully??