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  1. but Harvey, what youre rooting for is the punk idea of rebelion, something NYC was the origin of over 30 yrs ago only a few blocks from this very wall, just sayin, you cant go wrong with just quality artwork. The whole punk, anti art passing it as art is ironic and trendy hipster gay horse shit. back to square one. Punk is normal in 2010, having a regualr haircut is the new mohawk. By the time you understand what Im saying, there will something else even more ironic and "hip" like a track bite with breaks , just to be ironic.
  2. acquire females rent them out and acquire currency.
  3. Harvey, healthy debate is good, if you genuinely feel the way you do, rock out. But the way you innitially came to rescue just sounded alil jockish, thats all. I am a fan of art, I collect it, and make it and even sell it at times. I enjoy getting into talks about art, especially if I like the artists, but Im being real man, I was disapointed at the sub par outcome of this particular "project" as a solution for the mangled wall that was there prior. When I heard Twist & Amaze where gonna rock it, I thought for sure the bar had been raised , these guys are gonna come and hit a home run. Not spend 4 hours taking tags, and writing a lot of useless shit, like the Josh thing and the Vename B.S. stuff. You know damn well if a NY artist went to Frisco and did a similar wall and wrote CREAM TDK RIP, all the locals would be like "WTF????, if you gnna show respect, do it right! or its worse then not even writing it to begin with"
  5. Only thing worse would be krink goin by and dripping blue and yellow bucket paint from the top and telling everyone he's an artist too!
  6. I never once said Nyers SHOLUD have done it,I said most of us CAN do what was done if not better. youre all confused and making assumptions, what I have said is I enjoy good Twist artwork, this however was sub par for him. And the funny thing is, he would probably agree! and again, i never said your opinion isnt your opinion, what the hells going on here????????? I basically said you are guilty of cheerleading, and if you couldnt understand that before, then I spelled it out simpler this time. Asside form those 2 obvious and overworked points, I think its gay to be ironic, and its gay to put up a street legend and say hes RIP. Get your propometer up allday, lol. It doesnt mean your right, it means your cheerleader squad is bigger then mine, LOL. and we all know cheerleaders win the game. :rolleyes: what can be said is what the guy above said, in the end its a win reguardless for graff. But being on that wall is a win reguardless, why not knock it out the park? The reason OsGemeos murdered that wall out, is because they are still hungry and humble artists. I dont know Barry personally, but by his actions one could be lead to think he's arrogent and doesnt deserve his place on that space, Im not saying that, but thats what it gives off, all done under the umbrella of "irony" and tight pants. LOL
  7. Beelzibub raped him and told him that is he told god, his imaginary girlfriend would break up with him.
  8. I dont care what you, or anyone says to me about opinions, I know quality work when I see it, even if I dont like the person doing it, if they rock the house, Ill give it up , not a prob for me. And at the same time even if I do like the person, and they half step, I can tell them they are, instead of them sitting in a room of yesmen cheerleaders praising low quality.
  9. hahah, youre catching feeling Harvey. come on, I expected more mature debate from you. You jumped right to "go diss it if youre real" and "tell them in person" cliche'. you only proved my cheerleader comment more.
  10. he was raped by a priest who said if he told anyone hios parents would hold gods hand and disown him as a son.
  11. Im beginning to think he doesnt even have a girlfriend, WITH a best friend and that he made this thread for attention.
  12. Harvey, we're all adults. Dont give an opinion and expect someone not to disagree if what you said is horse shit. You know it was.
  13. this style , although something I enjoy,doesnt rep graffiti like you say in your argument Harvy. Theres not one bit of "graffiti" in it, other then drips, which is another argument in itself. again,not an inkling of graffiti. this has some covered tags, I think Im speaking for everyone who was anticipating "Barry Mcgee" ( not twist publically anymore by the way, so much for the Graff down your throat approach ) then to see him come to ny and do tags? Im not the only one that said "Big Deal" trust me, I just happen to be the only one in here who bothers to talk about it. To many people are just cheerleaders and cant admit when a guy with a history of amazing work does some boring ass shit and half stepped.
  14. I think youre examining it too hard, like an art critic. "mmm, the dicotomy of the wooden beard is strategically placed in the trash can, to symbolize the changing of the seasons." no nigga, they came with red cans and had 4 hours to paint, invited a nyer so nyers dont get TOO mad, then hooked up some ny legends on the wall to show that they "repsect ny", except the RIP they wrote isn't dead. It was JOZ they where thinking of. Josh 5 is alive and kickin.
  15. oh yeah, and for REALITY points, lets chase a couple black guys through a metal fence streched acrossed a street, that conveniently has a connecting street on the other side, shoot at them in a high speed chase, roll up to their house and have a sit down convo with 20 black guys and guns, then hug it out and ride off. LOL
  16. poor kids, will probably end up committing suicide , all of them.
  17. still, that idiot Toney, got clowned. I would love to see his dumb ass try to regain his cred, and get beat at boxing, loll.
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