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  1. thats the point of a "duscussion board" if someone posts something you dont agree with, debate it. There's idiots in every thread homey, what makes you think this one would be any different? I'll tell you one thing, this thread is well needed. "Regional influence" is not particularly biting, most times things are done out of one person inspired by something. But a straight swagger jack of a letter, or a 6 combo color scheme, or someone's somethin' they created or are known for is unaccepptable unless their older brother taught them how to write, and passed off a style to learn. Or if youre in a crew where a style came from and youre carrying a torch.... there are exceptions that intelligent writers already know and understand. It's the uneducated who chomp and expect praise like they spent the time and legwork it takes to stumble onto a new idea and see it's potential and have the balls to bring it to the forefront to be noticed as fresh.... I see too many people sit back and wait for their favorite writer to do something, validate it as "cool" then a week later they do it.....
  2. wow. thats pretty fuckin' classic Style is.......
  3. bump the cuzzy frizzank
  5. " the force is shlong with this one "
  6. he wanted to show everyone his use of the force.
  7. the pope has a bullet proof bubble of safety. if the pope is afraid to die...... what chance to any of us have?
  8. anyone complaing about a thread where people get called out for biting, must be biting hard themselves, or why would you care to post an upset? there should be 10 of these threads. Make you chompers have to actually work to come up with shit on your own.
  9. bring me canadian bagels. LOL no joke.
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