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  1. there's always someone that, likes to go 'hard'
  2. we'll find you in a minute hunter. remember to pay your comcast bill pussy.
  3. pussy stank ass nigga. go suck some dick vigina. go kill your self you no life having jit! trynna fucks with the wrong people miget. we got eons and trions years on you pussy cake bannana boat fake ass writer. try your luck puss boy.
  4. boom 1969. got this in the bag. everyone else is more into trying to make their shit too wild.
  5. yall getting mad over what some jit said. come on be real, what it tien or tsk as a matter fact is going to be? this shit is sad this thread used to have everything and now not even the real writers want to get on it. niggas that are talking need to take a break from 12oz.
  6. i know that nigga^ is in tsk. that's probably osen trying to clean up how he fucked up.
  7. nice. so two pages of shit talking?
  8. you always got something to say, mind your business
  9. someone visited the angry troll today.
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