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  1. One ear gauged bigger than the other? I've only seen one kid with a throat piece over here in California. It was sick, a crazy looking falcon, wingtips up to his ears.
  2. Yeah I was doing a stencil campaign for a few months in the city next to mine and I would come back to all the spots the next day and it would already be buffed so I would just put it back up. Then I hear from a friend whose co-worker is the daughter of a member of the police officer who is investigating the campaign. Needless to say, I don't bring stencils into that city anymore. I got wasted and walked from a friends house back to mine, it's only a thirty minute bike ride, 15 in a car. But since I was walking I hit every thing that I physically could. I left at around 3am and didn't get home until 8am. shit sucked but I got my shit EVERYWHERE on the route I took. I'm pretty sure cops in my hometown are looking for me.
  3. American Hardcore was a really good book, and personally I liked the movie. You guys should check out: Sabertooth Zombie-Midnight Venom Trash Talk-Walking Disease Ceremony- Violence Violence
  4. I say "DERP" whenever someone has a stupid/confused look on their face. (I was actually considering using "DERP" as my pen-name just for shits and giggles, but I gave that up and recently I've been seeing someone writing "ERP" all over my stomping grounds) <img src="http://www.lolbot.net/pix/173.jpg"> I also say "lowl" or "lewl" as in "LOL". "O RLY?" I'M ON UR WALLS PAINTIN ON THEM
  5. Yeah I've noticed alot of that at hardcore shows, mixing hardcore (anti?)fashion with hip-hop fashion. Not too tight jeans (but definitely not baggy) any variety of shirts (from gangsta to hardcore band to blank) thrown in with some Addidas or Nikes and a fitted cap. Usually gauged ears. I like to keep it simple a pair of jeans or cutoff Dickies, a blank tshirt, and some comfortable shoes. Maybe a knife or a blackjack and I always have at least one paint pen.
  6. Funny article about these travesties of fashion. "Fashion tips for women from a guy who knows dick about fashion." by Maddox http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=fashion
  7. I think it's hot. I would smash on her uterus with the force of ten thousand Tsunamis. :D
  8. Some of those clothes looked real nice, but I doubt I could afford any of them.
  9. I respect what the IRAK crew has accomplished and part of me even wants to support a company founded by writers but the designs are only so-so. I do dig the " I RAK NY" though. The article was definitely an interesting read.
  10. I respect what the IRAK crew has accomplished and part of me even wants to support a company founded by writers but the designs are only so-so. I do dig the " I RAK NY" though.
  11. I've got this red Misfits shirt, and the Misfits fiend appears to be pulling a red cloak over himself, it's not really clear where his cloak ends so it blends into the rest of the red shirt. It's really cool, and it's one of the few shirts I have that aren't black. Usually I'm wearing just a blank black shirt, or one of the local punk bands. I'm actually wearing a Trash Talk shirt as I type this. <a href="http://photobucket.com/images/trash%20talk%20destroy" target="_blank"><img src="http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y195/ReanimatedDead/DSCF0479.jpg" border="0" alt="trash talk destroy Pictures, Images and Photos"/></a> The only difference is that it's a tank top and the clothe is black and the ink is like turquoise. Found a picture of my misfits shirt.<img src="http://www.shoprockamerica.com/files/d_2847.jpg">
  12. Don't waste your time in bars, just hit the streets!
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