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  1. False tpbm would bang Betty White, to be able to bang Sophia Vergara
  2. Anyone have any interesting stories during flight travel
  3. Its all about Stick to Your Guns, and Inked in Blood
  4. Three layer burger club sandwich, steak fries, and Sam Adams Seasonal
  5. The French Quarter is cool, lots of bars and pretty much all have live bands playing, and street performers. Stay away from Bourbon St, unless you want to smell horse shit all night long.
  6. cmanb7


  7. Just watched Alterna Films, Hello World. Too sick. Some also good vid so far this season, Pirates Hooked, and Transworlds In Color
  8. if you watch the episodes over again, you can always find something to laugh at. I do.
  9. Josh: "I love them so much." Alex: "You love who?" Josh: "The girls at Madame Kamay's Filipino Palace." ALex: "You've been spending our rent money on Filipino hookers?" Josh: "They're not hookers. They're masage therepists." Mover #1 (Kevin Nash): "They'll massage your cock for money." Mover #2 (Todd Holland): "There's a word for that. I think it's 'hooker'." Josh: "You're a hooker!"
  10. Merging lanes on a highway and cars are still trying to go as far as they can until their force by a road block to move over, assholes
  11. Hate when your at a crosswalk and its red and there are no cars in sight and the people in front of you just stand there and wait anyways
  12. Hate people who blow their nose in public and its all loud and shit.
  13. and . . . people who blow their nose so loud in public. Shit is gross, go somewhere else
  14. people who wait at a cross walk when its red and absolutely no cars are coming
  15. http://i285.photobucket.com/albums/ll78/hlyautey/blog%20photos/squirter.jpg
  16. Wrap it up twice, then smash
  17. Nick Swardson. Who Fucking Farted. Funny stand up
  18. Chase Utley and Ryan Howard are appearing in an episode this new season
  19. The Gang Gives Back in Season 2 and The Gang Dances Off in Season 4 are probably the best ones
  20. Its Season 3, they take care of the north korean situation once and for all
  21. cmanb7


    Jim Norton is too funny in the 2nd episode
  22. http://sports.break.com/lebron-tiger-woods-commercials
  23. Why wouldn't you want to go to Miami, literally have the hotties women and a large population of them.
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