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  1. dude is a dick and his music sucks
  2. Q) What do you think about Nevada? Why? A) Nevada Sucks. From the laws to the snitches dude rolls with the biggest snitch and says that
  3. Keyser_Soze


    IF, being the key word, IF you wouldve read the paperwork such as some of us have you would know the truth. bottom line is you dont know shit and are trying to defend your boy because you dont want the truth to come out. ive memorized things your boy who "never said shit or str8 pointed ne body out" said in the paperwork. dont be salty cause your boy couldnt take the weight and than uses the excuse that he was "id say bout 13" when it went down. well said pedoe
  4. Keyser_Soze


    ^to this cat at least id rather be able to walk anywhere and everywhere without my name being said and snitch being attached to it. its ok for you to jock the kids spots. but truth is truth you just cant handle it being a cheerleader. YOU MAD! of course it would come up when hes a snitch. why respect somebody who couldn't handle the weight and dropped the dime? and one more thing.. it's not a "claim" thing when its in paperwork. but a basehead like you will never get the picture of reality through your head. YOU MAD!
  5. this page is headed in the right direction
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