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Got Milk

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  1. Pretty cool idea i guess but far too much effort for what its worth.. Save your pennies and invest in a couple of mops from your local store/favourite site.
  2. Lol I don't get why there are so many threads made regarding geting questioned by the popo.. I kinda just run away when I see 'em.. Lol was coming out of the graff store today and some fat buisiness lady was starin at me as she walked down a hill.. Her legs just kinda collapsed and she hits the deck, looks at me, gets up and keeps walkin whilst looking in the sky.. Ha shit happens when ur chill.
  3. I just bite that shit in half
  4. $3 for like 10 caps from ur local.. lol..
  5. Got Milk

    graff on kicks

    ^^'Thats what im talkin bout' - Turk from scrubs.
  6. Youll always be the harshest critic about your work.. Except for maybe some of the people on here haha XD That aside. Its a good thing, forces you to keep improving. Just dont give up.
  7. Keep painting and working in your blackbook. Style will come.
  8. Then how the fuck are u goin to graff? Wow ur city is fuked. I graff under the cover of night..
  9. Ok ill tell u what you obvs dont already know, but something you should of been told the day you got into graff.... 1. Your a toy untill further notice. 2. Those 'Hektik' tags and throws you and ur friends do suck. 3. People on this forum are fucks. 4. It takes roughly 3000 goes at something before your brain can perform said task without thinking.. Practiced that throw enough yet? 5. The graff 'scene' in your area is quite simular to the toys on this forum... They plaster the shit everywhere, but noone realy wants to look at it.. So when you get a bunch of toys in one area all painting thier own shit, biting other toys shit and getting caught up in getting up, rather then practising the basics like can control, lettering, and colour schemes you get a ton of shit looking graff in one small area... I.e your place.. How does one remedy such a problem? Well you could hold a biggggg meeting with promises of cupcakes and crayons... But i doubt many of them would show up... Id recomend practising your shit, untill it looks good, untill you can do it without thinking... And untill toys who walk past will want to be u.. Next thing you know, ull be seeing all ur ideas plastered over your town... Bitings a bitch but what you gonna do? Well you could hold a biggggg meeting...
  10. I actually heard that 'recent studies' indicate that a single puff of marijuana smoke is enough to give the user schizophrenia... Oh Dam!?@! Lololol Fuck i hate prohibition and propaganda..
  11. Go invest in a fair few cheap paints, get a few boys together, then go on a lining expedition..
  12. I was gonna go clean my room.. So i got high and i did that.. I was gonna go to class before i got high.. And i did that too. I wasnt gonna run from the cops.. But they spotted the paint so i bailed.. In conclusion, Legalise, regulate, educate, medicate.
  13. Nice man, pretty generic lookin lettering, but defo worth the watch for anyone new or stuck with thier handstyle.
  14. Good work bruv, Good list. Defo will help out some new writers.
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