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  1. pretty much the same as the DC thread cuz most these spots straddle the district border
  3. its my flick. check the previous page
  4. i wanna know where the golds at....i want the gold, gimme the gold
  5. old IRS shit still running strong
  6. ^police lurkin in the shot...
  7. gator stays rockin them hard-to-reach spots all over town
  8. i don't see why it matters... nothing in this world is original, in fact this entire universe could be a bite of another slightly cooler universe somewhere else aera's shit is legit and its consistently up, thats all that matters
  9. What a giant fuckin waste of money! And theyre puttin that shit right thru the most cracked out parts of the city too. Metro rail is practically broke and yet they drop millions of dollars on street cars. WTF
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