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  1. beatsss

    R.I.P SACE

    I've been hesitant about putting this on here, but I feel like for the sake of SACE I should. Not stolen. Rest in peace Sacer. You're still up in places you wouldn't imagine. http://devonmilestheguinn.wordpress.com/2010/10/03/dash-snow-sacer-irak-r-i-p/
  2. Haha well I'm into a alot of black metal. Not deathcore and stuff thats cool at the moment. Its the same difference as in if a kid says all the bands on the warped tour are hardcore bands. He/she thinks their hardcore bands because they scream and have breakdowns. When in reality hardcore is a massive sub culture just like graffiti. Its not out in the open. Its modern day punk. Nah mean?
  3. Haha No. I hate hipster stuff. My friend plays drums in WC though.... I'm a normal person. I just have a mind.
  4. I don't know if they do either ha. Just saying in hopes of someone knowing of ecops.
  5. I have a mind. I'm not brainwashed. If you know shit about culture much less science you know that religion is man made. Fucking idiots. Get off your knees.
  6. I haven't and am not going to read all 525 pages of this. I'm sure its full of thugs hating on msk calling them sellouts. Fuck that. I have a retarded amount of respect for these guys. They've paid their dues as much as anyone ever has.
  7. Well first you gotta have a generic name. You need arrows coming out anywhere that is possible. You gotta have a halo. You gotta have a ton of drips. Make sure it isn't legible. I understand buying books just to work on your skills broman. Who reads them? Don't do anything different or your a toy! /thread Serious answer ...If you don't have a good hand you don't have shit. Once you get trough the "toy" stage you will start building a style and see what you can do with letters. Well some people progress..
  8. This thread makes me super paranoid. It makes me wish people that know I write didn't. No matter how much the badass tough guys say "snitches get stiches" they will snitch. About anyone in a real situation with the law will snitch. I had my name wrote on bulliten board and my mom took it to the end of the road as trash. Left it there for everyone to see and the trash didn't pick it up because it was saturday not monday. I hate being paranoid. Should I take my supplies to a friends house?
  9. beatsss


    So is "bonk kb" from Bmore? I see his trains in my yard a few different times a week for like the last year. And I'm east Tennessee. Then I go to Knoxville whice is 2 hours away and see his frieghts. Damn.
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