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Yo son YO!

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  1. Tons of homies and goodies in here...great bench man
  2. youre the only C. FL guy taking the effort to keep the bench alive. keep on keeping on man...
  3. my condolences to tones friends and fam. dude was always a cool cat. fucked.
  4. that tase piece is one of the things that got me into painting... id kill for a flick of that Spre Stres strawberry shortcake wall behind the old lechmeres...that was another from the late 90s that got me amped...
  5. found on....facebook. haha, fucking internet.
  6. caught that Awe and Maple, outside the fence...hot fiyah.
  7. swine gaw mecro trism hense much asert
  8. MY DOOOOOOODZ! caught an old byas filt in on an NS form 2001 the other day...SLAYER! ;)
  9. caught a little mimi task throw on an old CSX in south carolina yesterday. also caught some blue daze and cese tags on a CN as well last week...
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