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Yo son YO!

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  1. Im into that last Perse and those Niers...
  2. yeah these are fucking amazing. more more more
  3. CDC wholecar terms smile tre
  4. those keep hoppers kill. alamo and the abe lincoln brigade!
  5. Yo son YO!

    Kem 5

    one of my favorite since the mid/late 90s. killer.
  6. that dude Blief is doing cool shit. im liking what im catching and seeing, good stuff. Kwest is a monster. Mecro Mecro...
  7. that last ich much stalk stamped stoer Y bogus
  8. oooooooooooof awe and maple, so good. mecro leona send some of those golden triangles my way
  9. Mecro that AWR from 95 is a good catch spelo, nmphope was fresh. old ass each2. aaand those much, needless to say kill. one of my personal favs to catch.
  10. Old CDC shit in there... mecro draft swine stoe that rich is tight. ive caught a couple newer joints from dude recently. heavy flow. pause...
  11. swine bogus yuthe tre
  12. so much quality. diggin that purge and agent alot.
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