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  1. bump this to the next page... Hayst and Mesm :cool:
  2. NEVER STOP EVOLVING escape ??? opak BASER (N) SWAG. "who dat!" (grey ghost Diss)
  4. i woke up thursday to the news that my childhoodfriend had commited suicide in a hotel room and i havent been able to shake it since . This ones for you dude. April 29, 1988 - feb 5 2012 . This picture was taken in Atlanta Georgia but i posted it because if you would have told me ten years ago that everything would turn out like this... i would have told you i would radther me go and you stay.
  5. children of the mind was definately bonkers. you know what im talkin about if u read that shit it was real hard to put those books down if you got 25 pages deep. i would be like fuck that i gotta keep reading.
  6. damn thats whatsup i didnt read a lot of the ones towards the left but i read speaker for the dead and xenocide and children of the mind and all of the enders shadow sequels... we used to put those books in our textbooks and just read them in class all day when i was younger
  7. damn i didnt know they were making a movie tho . tight
  8. the sequel was called shadow of the hedgemon
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