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Nag One

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  1. Nag One


    Anybody hear about that new graff shop that just opened up in Toledo?
  2. Can't get enough of this thread.. Keep it coming guys, props for uploading all these.
  3. Nag One


    Phase2, Iz the Wiz, Heist. This is lame btw...
  4. Nag One


    Bump the fuck out of that rila piece back there. What will he come up with next???
  5. Haha nice. Phase's hand style is one of the best i've ever seen.
  6. not a bombing story but was in chicago only at around 11 on the L and some crack head with a tarp was screaming at everyone then ducking down under her tarp. she kept calling this dude out for sitting behind her. it was too funny.
  7. this thread brings back memories. one time i was walking down the street like 2 a.m. and two bums are cutting each others hair with some empty syringes right next to them and they just stop and stare me down for the whole time i'm walking by them.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ra-PWZPfiBk lmfao.
  9. Back in like 96' I started noticing all these freights and I thought some dudes took stencils to do their letters.:lol:
  10. Look you fools need to stop fighting about this bullshit. Whether you like Revok and MSK or not, whether you like legal walls or not, we're all in this shit together. You should never wish another writer to have a downfall, no matter how fucking dumb they are. Now stop bitching and post some flicks.
  11. Man this fucking sucks. He had some real potential too...
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