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  1. am i going to get killed now???
  2. wow everyone is such a critic on here. seriously WOW! these dudes who are street legends do acouple tags that are put in a commercial for a company that is writer owned and makes writing tools and they know him and all the sudden they are sell outs?. its not like they did a commercial for wal-mart. did your hero's really let you down?
  3. why would it even be CONSIDERED a rumor
  4. RASH's new shot on the left is burning :p ;) ;)
  5. naw its dramamine. mix it with that and you hallucinate soooo hard. serious
  6. is that the ensue from the east coast? that paints with rime and shit? when was he in portland? that doods been siiick for so long
  7. boohooo. its funny. just thought id show it. dont cry
  8. i think this is his horrible attempt at a REVOKish style
  9. not to stir some shit up(well kinda) but i remember you all giving AUNER shit for "biting" augor cause the name was similar or the styles were or something. im surprised you guys arnt up on this kid from vegas. *note the patented augor "monster vagina" in this dudes shit
  10. hahahahahahahahahah:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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