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Everything posted by Zed_Eastwood

  1. id move to Alaska. There's no niggas (black or white) and they have trains there...wonder what the chick and the job situation is like.
  2. incredible to see that ppl are still trading prints.
  3. i remember we spoke about that a while ago. not many people realize the tropi reefer is not a high cube, while most other reefers (64' armn, bnsf etc. ) are. i have more of those 90' shells too if you need some.
  4. ^^exactly im on their dicks, but you are the one that is clearly salty because seen does not contribute or talk on this site make sense i guess.
  5. during the Renaissance, the average person didnt know about Renaissance artists either. The Renaissance is only monumental in historical context. during the Renaissance they knew it was some new shit, just like Henry and Martha knew it was some new shit when Part and Slave were doing whole cars on the 2s and 5s. i think the purpose of Writing (not graffiti) has no real value outside of the Writing culture. For that reason, i doubt it will have much of an impact on humanity - even in 5000 years. However, what writing has done is bring together people of all races and socio-economic backgrounds unlike anything else in recent history except maybe sports. to that end, in the future i could see it recognized for that more than the actuall art. as for old school writers and their egos, MAD MAD MAD MAD people get paid off of graffiti, including the creators of this site. the people who created, popularized and made it so cool that YOU wanted to be involved deserve all the passes they can get.
  6. have not seen it in a while, but i believe that was Noc167, not Zephyr
  7. yeah, i may cop one of these soon. it looks real slick!
  8. Sir Toppim hat is gonna git you for graffitiing the island of Sodur!!
  9. Harsh Ich Hindu the notes on that TBOX had me cracking up. the backdrop for some of those are real dope great benching!!
  10. Save LoPro BAs Vism/Spel the Hip Hop and Crime pieces and the nave blue CSX GP40!
  11. well put. if i was at a different place in my life i would prolly move there. I love the cold, and I never really cared much for street bombing. but whats the freight situation like? I apologize if you already mentioned this. I see there are a few lines that run through the state. What you guys are thinking along the lines of midwest graffiti vacation spot is actually a pretty clever idea. Good luck with it.
  12. you guys be keepin it mad hip hop son,
  13. dude was an animal for sure! RIP
  14. all fliks from http://steelwheelsonline.com/gonebenchin-2/ updated twice a month with fresh catches from the Atlanta Bench
  15. oh yeah Sane Helm Funk Reup Skism
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