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  1. freak that helps a lot....thanks...zaire i see wat ur sayen
  2. zaire..thats for a 3 point perspective.....that piece of shit i drew is 2 point and its positioned a little more than slightly to the right of the center horizon...the bottom of my 3d isn't pointing in that direction ithier....3d still needs work just not how ur sayen
  3. no im not....look at the bottom one....
  4. buts its 3d...not a shadow.....if i were to carve the letters out from stone or some shit and looked at them placed in the center of the horizon (vanishing point, smae shit) the top and the bottom lines of the 3d would have to go in opisite directions in order to point tords the horizon
  5. the 3d doesn't need to go in the same direction if the horizom line is in the center of the word....look up perspective...that sketch and this one r like four months old btw
  6. the E on the first viel is phresh ignore that characters
  7. wow....^^^mad unnessasary...smh...i wish we could talk face to face u wouldn't be tryen me like that....btw, doodle..don't write toomer...its taken, i don't know if its written like that but he started or help start TKO origanly based in LA, its probably a bad move
  8. ok my bad....can u give me an idea on what pages i find PHERE / PHEAR's and ASOTE's work?
  9. holy shit, i said COMPLETELY serious.....check the bold lettering on completely......i DO come in here for the crits....and i already realize that practicing simples is the way to go....i have a huge fucking stack of them on my side right now.....i post the slightly more complex things i experiment with hoping someone with experience can give me some in site on wat exactly im doing wrong...like y exactly my extension doesn't work on my P or T...or were am i going wrong on my letters.....tellin me i suck and to work on simples is understandable but very very un-progressive....im mean it helps on a massive scale to know that simples is the way to go and studing them is how i learn but once i already know that, repeating it doesn't help me get over the humps (by repeating i mean u tellin me to work on simps)....wtf is so hard about ignoring my post if u don't want to or CAN'T give CONSTRUCTIVE critisism...<<<not doing that is wat makes u a sensative lil bitch, stop crying.....
  10. i can't speak for another man but probably cause ur acting like a lil bitch....btw, my bad for not taking crits from toyz COMPLETely serious....thats dumb of me :D
  11. instead of tellin solid to drop back to simples y don't some of u tell himm some of his bars were off on width and they should be more consistant or tell himm to develope that flame shit on his letters more...if that shit was done right it would look fresh....don't get me wrong some people did give some usefule crits, but honestly...hommie doesn't need to drop back to simples he just needs to develope his shit
  12. i get it....FUCK.....its the reason y i listed everything i did wrong, i didn't do that cuz i was mad.....i got tight cuz hommie ragged on my letters NOT my 3d....and when i saw his letters i was not immpressed.....i tell himm to give me crits ON MY LETTERS that actually prove wat he's sayin along with the fact that i told him to eat a dick and yah start trippen.....yah motha fuckas r sensative as fuck....
  13. 3d's bullshit, letters r weak.....work on simples.....
  14. hold up....redeye....i just skimed back to look at the shit u post.....wow,,,,eat a dick......or back ur critisism up with something constructive that actually proves what ur sayin
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