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  1. only angle to shoot from. her apt was a mess and I didnt wanna get the reflection of it. and it is a good photo. friend found some mylar last night
  2. Not my studio but its where I work. Jackstudios.com
  3. from the assisting days. brasmyth.com.
  4. Thanks for the kind comments guys! Photos are killing it on these past few pages. oh_snap you are doin that d50 fukn justice
  5. oh_snap sick photos. Whatcha shoot with?
  6. ^^^^^ loveeee mamiyas Some randoms from my old home I just found on my external
  7. Olympus 8000! I want one sooooo bad. Or see if you can find a used Canon G9 or G10. Best point and shoots made IMO.
  8. ugh I just had to buy a GF Light Sphere... not pleased
  9. I think its a Dwarf Hamster, you should have seen that chick in person it was WAY worse. Her ass looked like sand dunes.
  10. Friday was really nice out so I took a walk over the Williamsburg bridge over to the SVA dowms, ended up getting pretty gloomy by the time I got to Union Square. Not amazing flix but figured Id throw some up since I havent posted in awhile.
  11. first pic ive taken in a few weeks. gettin lazy with my camera.
  12. Me want the sugar skulls painting. LOVE it!
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