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  1. HOLY SHIT LEWSE AND JURNE PAINTED THERE NO WAY! I guess it makes all that shit better. They actually had to find this spot...not walk down the street thats ten minutes away from their old highschool like most of those tunnel rats. and damn dude, i used to think u were just some washed up OG who used to actually paint, but now that i see you say that HAHAHA. clearly you were never anything. loll "YO dawg dont talk shit on me!!!! i used to paint burners in my backyard and get HELLA ups in concord cuz its all about painting, period! thats what my mom told me anyway when she didn't want me goin out to oakland"
  2. that agle sucks and that spot is so played out. 925 "OG's" are actually just too lazy to paint in places that matter. fact.
  3. ha an u have like 1500 posts so we all know what ur fat ass spends his time doin haha
  4. No that's what faggots do when they're too faggy to do their already faggy graffiti.:D :D :D :D :D :D like you!
  5. Every single thing NOT posted by faint footsteps fucking sucks.
  6. Everyone who "chats" on this thread is an absolute graff-nerd faggot. "I think this young dude in this crew is so sick but this dude in this crew is gay, Fool is such a toy blaah blaah" gooooodddd u guys are SOOO GAY!!!!!!
  7. nah bump that katsu shit. fuckin kerssss.
  8. its a font you stupid piece of shit lol:rolleyes:
  9. big brown bessie buff....or something of the sort.
  10. haha...Born was joking man... and for some reason i doubt he listens to gucci mane either.:lol: :lol:
  11. any one got flicks of the rsen optic images and those duck characters?
  12. yeah. although the roller was pretty chunky...they definitely bit off more than they could chew. personally..i was a fan of the emr roller. but so it goes...
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