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  1. reeve

    Los CIK's

    bump the symmetrical illness
  2. reeve

    Los CIK's

    hahaaa yeah. fuck joeris ..rich motherfockas...
  3. reeve


    that san antonio next generation werks billboard is fuckin retardando
  4. reeve

    Graff These Days...

  5. reeve

    Thats My Dawg

    good way to switch it up...following your own path, props e & a should've just stuck to battling though..
  6. reeve

    BLOW CREW!!!!!

    feelin the color scheme. simple yet satisfying
  7. reeve

    Reefer Madness

    flicked this one in ft worth months ago..
  8. reeve

    Reefer Madness

    mega killin shit as usual
  9. reeve

    Pictures of Freight Trains With Graffiti On Them

    i cant visit a yard without seeing some kerse shit
  10. reeve


    sumoe biaatch nice backyard bench
  11. reeve

    Please Do not Paint over the Numbers!

    it derailed bc snow was covering the numbers
  12. reeve

    GRAF IRAQ!!!

    gotta give it up.... ill shit in iraq.. got me smilin