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  1. ummmmm actually its not. might be in cocaine tho. better luck next time cowboy, oh. and hows the welfare line these days Claven?
  2. whats with the Dao thing being so funny??? who's face was that.
  3. i understand your argument, and im not gonna hate. i like Howard alot. good guy, good swing. but homie, im gonna say this... Ryan Howard will be exposed one day. ican tell just by his body type he's shady. but i will say this, i often reffer to him as this gen's Ken griffey jr.
  4. i cant remember. is injury the one who e-battled me??? i thinks so.
  5. neither homie, shes the one breast feeding your youngest:p
  6. Ryan Howard? homie. i like the dude, but you must be high. and if your talking baseball. and/or power hitters Manny the tranny is easily the most dominating.
  7. i think both of you are missing whats really happening in this thread. my dog being part of the last set of flicks on my camera. wise up.
  8. damn i look good in white kicks:cool: good to be back clones, good to be back.
  9. ill be in the TwoOhSchitz tomorrow.
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