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  1. fuck graff, we all have mental problems and stupid ass graffiti isnt helping. the people I once looked up to the most I now hate the most. rezist fuck you, exist fuck you, isle fuck you. ive been feet away from all of you, so if you dont like this message do the same detective work I did and come jump me and learn me something. all you old heads past the torch to the wrong kids. fuck you thank you. fuck you sirspeedy.
  2. I shoot the gift like an nra member on christmas>
  3. im just fucking bored. im not going to join another crew. im in the best one. bump apoc mono ir
  4. LOL EVERYONE QUIT NOT MUCH ART skills because the leader is a fucking idiot.
  5. I saw some new 'ex' shit on the line of blue. saw ocho at the crystal city metro. saw another 'doe' on route one. fuck you thank you. Syon is a faggot. oh yeah I hit up sens. someone tell me how to end the beef with tbs. I want to join so syon looks like a weak ass bitch.
  6. "they are all sluts except your mom and my mom" "nah, they are ALL sluts."
  7. wants some cheese? with that wine?
  8. no rebuttal? damn thought there would be a rebuttal. sword fighting is my shit! FUCK YOU THANK YOU!
  9. the only kid (singular) I beef with is that little twat 'lyre'.
  10. it was just a good clean joke. its good to hear you are paying attention to the rookie drafts. I didnt get dropped, I dropped them. !!!!!Pion and I tried to get a hold of sime when he was talking shit. I even gave isle my phone number to give to exist. C'mon!!! I tried to get toe to toe. I hear sime is pistol whipping kids.!!!!!! sheesh! Im good on that. Ohhh yeah the only crew? dog go back to woodbridge I got with an ill ass click. So do me a favor and share the fucking wealth of knowledge. bump IR, MONO, APOC.
  11. ampmhache

    Wash DC

    I saw a sumoe in kansas the other day.
  12. ampmhache

    Wash DC

    commandante marcos would shit on your face and kick you out of the collective you fucking spy.
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