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  1. i cant stop thinking of killing myself and i also think of killing a bunch of you. i swear, one of these hip hop shows... you'll see what im talkin about. i hope to see you all there.
  2. looks like oldskool is creepin into everyone
  3. get up.. dont ever join a crew
  4. but if you come across some REAL LSD holla at me
  5. just smoke pot and you'll be ok
  6. tell rome to come to hawaii already.. check it out
  7. im gonna get girls to tag for me from now on
  8. im gonna end up paying, but thats my end on what kinna bullshit the system has to offer. mopeds are the shit where i live.. i wanna get one of them rukus's.... mopeds are also great for getting up.
  9. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD funny how the train coulda slowed down, but didnt until it was too late
  10. 2 weeks is me losing my job.... wondering how i am gonna take care of my family. im 31 and no time for that crap. if i was 24 maybe... no problem. the shock is, yes.. this is the state prison.. its not county. and thank you INKFACE.... i wonder how an insurance company has that kind of power as well.
  11. This is my story. i got a dui 6 years ago...i've complied with the courts ruling and the judge set me free. he also added that IF i wanted to get my License back, i would have to see a shrink that works for an insurance company of which i do not pay a dime to. i thought.. well, my car is gone, i dont want to drive anymore... i'll ride a bike. 6 years later, i was ridinna moped and ran a red light.. the officer informed me that i have a warrant out on my arrest for something about a DUI. i thought he was kidding. so digging in... i found out that because i chose not to wantto drive.. this insurance company overturned the judges ruling and now i owe 1500$ to the state or i have to spend 2 week in the actual prison down here. FOR CHOSING NOT TO WANT TO DRIVE A CAR ANYMORE. i've tried to fight it all the way.. they eithe want money or me spending 2 weeks in real prison. and im not allowed to get my License back till i do. HOW IS THIS RIGHT IN AMERICA? even the manager of the law office think there is something wrong with this picture, but it is LAW.
  12. mean... that other stuff is dope too NILES
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