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  1. still waiting on crits O.o
  2. Re: You know what sucks. but dysentry is excesive diareaha and fever and such isnt it? so thats incorrect
  3. theres no "moar" to know... its the shit
  4. dudeeees, longboarding is way different then skating, i do both, i enjoy longboarding because its like surfing on pavement, its relaxing
  5. loaded dervish, adam colton paris 180 trucks, oranguatang durian wheels, bones super swiss 8 bearings.... ANYONE DOWN? HELL YEAH
  6. i feel yah bro, i was with this girl who was doing a horrid job, went for 20 minutes no happy ending :(
  7. enem is the shit man, definatley someone i look up to
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