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  1. That Totem steez is SOOOO FREESSSSHHHH!!..... The vans is aight.....
  2. I thought the Pose was designed by Ewok but he obviously has a lil bit of Rime's influence on his style... Looks like pose did the exchange for Ewok but he put his own flavah on it as well. They look like Pose's arrows... All three are bangers regardless!
  3. Requesting the finished product???
  4. Requesting more VOGUE please!!!!!
  5. I VOTE FOR POSE... But really i think its anyones game regardless of who is involved in the challenge. What would be interesting to see is that they weren't judged on the skill level of writing their own names. But rather have the judges throw out a random word at the start of the event and have them freestyle off of that word. Everybody knows they can rock there name properly with style. I think it would have to force them to think more and would probably be more challenging for the contestants. It is a challenge right?
  6. Bump DF!!! Scribes characters are so amazing. Love how they put there productions together.
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