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  1. punch christ? chill, drink some christ punch.
  2. oh mygosh you guys get me so hyped up oh my goshness.
  3. ^ she shouldnt even be trippin. everyone knows girls google dicks like 24/7.
  4. i cant even imagine how many fat framed glasses were in that place.
  5. ^ yeah. just because you dont see pics of it on the internet, it don't mean it doesn't exist. go to the hood where shit never gets buffed. you cant see the whole twin cities in one glance. theres alot of shit that goes unnoticed. just for example, check out the midway. theres alot of hidden gems from most of the people wholeman just mentioned. and also shoutout to the hoodrats that frequent metro transit with etches etc. its the little things in life...
  6. yo that viper piece with no crust is dope. lol
  7. if you dont see shock tags you must never leave your house...
  8. bump fst. any hipsters or suburbanites, dont be in the jungle if you cant hang.
  9. *Rammellzee article on that same blog^^
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