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  1. im not really sure exactly what the difference is between the 2, except ive been told atkins is the lazy mans keto. id go with keto just to be safe. is it a bb show?
  2. i havent been constipated, but i understand that could happen. i eat the vegetables i can and it keeps it moving. other than that, a fiber pill is good. also, you may need salt on this diet, it also brings your cholesterol down. idk, maybe something you were doing wasnt exactly right. i dont go too deep into ketosis, im right around trace amounts and small amounts. usually if youre really fat youll go deep into it.
  3. what up. im doing a keto diet right now after bulking for around 2 years. high fat and protein and < 30 g carbs a day. it works really well, i suggest you try it. get some ketostix to piss on to make sure youre in ketosis. depending on what method you choose, you can ether carb up every week or 2 weeks. if you want links and stuff to help lemme know.
  4. its a legal steroid basically. theyre steroid precursors, and convert into the active steroid in your body. they are safe if done right ( just like juice, dont be fooled by the media). im guessing you dont want to do that though, so just get some meltdown or dren, do some HIIT, eat clean, high protein, (idk what type of diet youre doing so that may be an issue), get good sleep, lots of water, vitamins, hit the weights. youll be fuckin ripped, promise.
  5. would you go the way of pro hormones? or do you want to keep it simple, and relatively safer?
  6. well its ephedrine instead of ephedra. when you get it, they just put your name on a list/limit how much you can have. its still more than enough thought. im in ny though. thats the #1 legal fat burning option. other than that if you want a premade one. meltdown by vpx and dren are good. theres a few others too. it depends on your body.
  7. heres what you do ( assuming that youre diet is super in check) go to cvs and buy bronkaid. it has ephredrine in it, start off with 30mg. get caffience pills from anywhere. stack that together. its the best fat burner there is. its called a EC stack, look it up. take some fish oil pills too, it will lower your blood pressure. also for fat loss, do HIIT, high intensity interval training, after you work out. it burns more fat and less muscle mass.
  8. ive used tons, no xplode, superpump 250, shock therapy, nanox9, white flood, xpand... the list goes on. by far the best energy and pump is from white flood, but it tastes sooo fuckin gross. the best tasting (with great pump) is the blue superpump (raz ice or some shit), its maaaad good. shock therapy is good too. if you can stomach white flood, go with it.
  9. scorcese


    nah yo that aint true. they sell that shit to mad accounts.
  10. scorcese


    ces did a graff style tat on my boy mad big across his back. says infinite. shits dope.
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