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  1. No not at all, we take photos from anywhere but it should be good quality and high resolution.
  2. dohhh :) Thanks for the correction
  3. First of all, thanks for everyone that submited their pictures! Now the first issue of the Free Internetbased graffitimagazine swegraff has been released and you can download it here: http://www.swegraff.com/download.php Hope you will like it! Best regards Swegraff.se
  4. Cthuhlu: Please read all the post again and dont act like an ass. Im not trying to convince anyone to use a special brand, we just want to give others our view of what we think of a product thats it. Sellout, what the hell are you talking about, do you even know the mening of that word? :)
  5. I think there always be room for more forums thats why we created the forum, the second reason is that I could not find a forum with tight rules that dont allow trolling or flaming, sadly I see alot of this latly on this forum. and final Im not forcing anyone to be a member of our forum, we just want to give our members a god forum experience and the possibility to get som free stuff once in a while. and yes the adds will be changed and tail ordered as soon as I have the time. that the site would be a ripof of this site, Its mainly a news blog with graffiti related news and info not an collective blog site like this one, ohh yes we have a forum but thats not exactly ripping this site its a service for our members and every graff site have their own forum this days, 12oz was hardly the first one :). edit: forgot to say that we removed the age restriction for the lotto.
  6. the ip adress is automatically collected in log files at the server for statistic and to be able to ban users that are missbehaving, i promise you that the same are done here.
  7. So finaly we have made the decision to start a graffiti forum over at http://www.yardfeeling.com the mening is NOT to compete with this exelent forum but rather be a compliment for it. So whats better than having a little welcome lotto to celebrate the new forum? read more here http://www.yardfeeling.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=19
  8. Rollin: you are funny, so you base your judgment of the paint on that they used the same name? I started using MTN(spain) in 96 and have since moved on and tested most brands out there. The NEW Montana(germany) black are realy nice, you should try them, if you are into hardcore painting it is the can to use. If you are inte wall/mural painting I would go for Belton Molotow or MTN 94. Some people here on the board are realy negative on development and new brands, what are there to be afraid off?
  9. 2-C+C-2: I say what I said before, have you tried the new Black at all? there are a BIG difference between them :)
  10. crackteeth: Have you even tried the new Montana? =) Sneak: I will try the new 94 ass soon as I get my hands on some, can you describe the paint more in depth than saying that they are great? :)
  11. We had a small chat with Jelly from Sweden about the New German Montana that are hitting the shelves right now read it here!. Its not a in depth review of the can but you will get the difrences from the old cans. Hope you like it, and please keep the thread from toy answers like "Montana germany sucks, I like the spanish MTN's better!".
  12. Sorry if I sounded irritated in my last post was stressed out. I have to say that it is a BIG difference between silver and silver. For example look at the belton special chrome effect, I love it, no dust, low pressure AND it can easely be overpainted with most colors, and with a Astro fat its really fat. The bad thing is that it is noisy as hell :) but this is easily fixed with a strong magnet and that it is hard to find anywhere. Compare this with for example Molotow burner, MTN Chrome or other brands(still haven't tested the clash silver bling), dusty, ultra fat. Its like saying that blue paint always is blue paint regardless of brand. I love to make tags with chrome but I hate when it isn't clean. And over to the tar paint, I have tested like 10 different brands of tar paint and the characteristics are totally different between them, so I'm personally looking forward to test these new cans. But as everyone know we all have different favorites when it comes to paint brands so I wont try to convert anyone :) . Im surprised that so many complains about the paint when it isn't out on the market yet....
  13. When you have been painting for 15+ years then it is fun ass hell to look at your first toy pices and tags :) then you remember that we all have been toys some time in yor life and maybe you will remeber all these badass missions ;).
  14. Montana(germany) uses Motip Dupli factory, Molotow uses Belton(Peter Kwasny) factory so no it will probably NOT be coversall inside the can and if you read the article you will see that one of the tar cans is low pressure witch I newer seen before when it comes to tar paint, please correct me if I am wrong on this matter. And the big news was that you now will have a Chrome that will easily directly overpainted with ordinary color sprays.
  15. ehh stealing the background design?? Its a black can, when was that copyrigthed to MTN spain? =) Personaly i prefer Molotow and clash over MTN any day. Here in northern europe its to cold to use the MTN cans effectively resulting in failing cans, overflow etc. maybe not in the summer but then Clash and L&G Montana works better according to me if you need a highpressure can. but thats only my 2 cents.
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