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  1. Why doesn't SIME ever finish a single piece? Is it cool in D.C. to leave pieces unfinished?
  2. Caught this in Memphis in July Older Shit
  3. Anyone else notice the STEK tag on the commercial for a show called THE BUREAU on the Investigation Discovery Channel?
  4. SEEK! Took whiskey shots with him and watched his friend crawl around on Empire's bar shirtless. Fun night to say the least.
  5. FUCK GENERAL SHERMAN. YANKEE ASS BITCH. edit: i dont know who burnthepriest is but they're logged into this computer and they better not be a yankee sympathizer
  6. the kewlest graf names have tons of "hip-hop elements". for instance if i wanted to write "THESENUTS" i enter that letter combination into the ebonics translator i found on google and it comes out to "DEEZBIZZAWZYA'LLISMADSTUPID". http://www.joel.net/EBONICS/translator.asp
  7. hey tony im a really hott but still down(maybe even the downest) ass graf baby wanna cum chill with me sumtime? we can write graffiti tags all over one another instead of on walls or freight trains.
  8. limp bizkit and korn reunion tour who's going?
  9. anyone have a flick of the sigh off 64 yet? i have one, but it is terrible. embarrassed to even post it.
  10. oh and i heard ahem still drinks from juice boxes and bzee hunts deer with his bare hands. and a pearl handled knife carved from wood occasionally. bump that paulo.
  11. bump hear msp.. shit's oxy clean. bump billy mays too
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