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  1. When somebody says "1,2,3 drink" everybody has to drink.
  2. One of my favourite series... Whats the movie like? I heard it wasn't great
  3. I wonder how many more years of nonsense is left in this thread
  4. Can you put it in the archive section? Still good pictures on the older pages..
  5. Where is the great pictures thread gone?
  6. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wideangle07/collections/72157619803632525/
  7. http://www.nimportequi.com/fr/video_touchdown_superbowl_bonus.html
  8. saw that last night. was wondering when Id see it on 12oz lol
  9. I find their new show funny but it was alright to watch.
  10. Havnt done the outline but I have to change one E into the other, I just don't know which... Ill update later with it finished.
  11. Thanks to them I added an extra 6 inches to my cock
  12. My Red Pony - John Steinbeck
  13. Oh no need to trace, it bled through to the next page perfectly haha Good idea, sure have a look at this as well Tried several times to work out an R for it and Im still not happy with it..
  14. Don't know if this is up to standards for outside the toy thread yet but this thread isn't overly active anyway...
  15. Im very happy with this. I dont know if I should define the letters where they connect incase I ruin it.
  16. The start reminds me of the music from 5 days a stranger
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