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  1. I can't believe somebody suggested prescription pills as a substitute for weed. What a terrible idea. Especially if you have an addictive personality.


    Weed can be a substitute for anti-depressants, but not the other way around.


    I can't smoke weed regularly. California weed has gotten so potent, every time I smoke I feel like motherfuckers are staring at me.

  2. With the exception of that fucked up video, feel free to learn about what the other 99% of Latino/Hispanic families are like.


    Catholic, Catholic, and yes, Catholic.


    But you are from The Bronx full of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. You already knew that by now.

  3. i say 12, theve been practicing since 5, as soon as the little brown girls go into heat the brown men should be able to procreate. and thus, the third world was born.


    Actually, it's called "strict Catholic parents" syndrome.


    Let the beast out of the cave and the freak comes out.

  4. I'm not coming from a young kid's perspective. My close friends and I have been exposed to a whole new breed of people (aka rich kids) due to higher education and growing careers. Some rich kids are intelligent and cultured, but they still lack that well-rounded "I can do shit myself" attitude that I admire in people.


    Prime example, my friend's colleague in law school had her daddy speak to the dean so they will be "less hard on her." Talk about preparing yourself for the real world...


    I don't have a problem with people with money. But I do have a problem with their sheltered upbringing and their politically incorrect comments about race, religion, social class that is different than theirs. Luckily for them, they didn't have to worry about someone checking them and getting an ass whoopin' for looking/talking/acting at someone the wrong way.


    I don't feel that it is my place to say anything, mostly cause I don't want to come off as the angry minority. And believe me, people say a lot of inappropriate shit in front of me only because I definitely don't look the part of a street smart hoodlum that used to steal for a living.



  5. Rich parents are overrated.


    Most rich kids don't know how to do anything themselves and would probably cry if they got a flat tire. They have access to anything they want, but they waste their lives away on prescription drugs to overcome their mommy/daddy issues. Fuck them.


    Motivation and drive usually comes from having nothing. When you have everything handed to you, you have nothing to strive for.


    You've got money on your mind now... Use that thought towards a personal goal. Earning it is much more rewarding.

  6. You sound like a complete douche bag.




    Let me clarify.


    What women need:

    - Understanding

    - Caring

    - Validation

    - Complete devotion


    If you give take care of a woman's needs, they will have your back 100%. Unfortunately, most people fuck that up with their own insecurities and never get to that level of understanding and commitment.

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