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  1. I was bored when I made this. XD
  2. Meeting of styles this Friday—Sunday come thru don't be a stranger .say Hi..:p
  3. Man get that fresh paint from that nigga James of oinkartltd man and he's here in houston too but you still gotta order it online for $3 it doesn't get better than that. And so what if shit gets buffed you still gonna get fat bitches to sign dem titties!
  4. Dude, you got like instagram or something where I can follow you? #TRUEDAT#3HUNNA#BANG##BANG#REALNIGGA#RELTALK#FOREALTHOE#RIPTRAYVON
  5. man that guy so cheated he used a ruler he used a stencil and he used something to get those lines so straight there is no way that's possible..
  6. "if i dont warn my opponent, he's subject to run, see all i said was mic check, he said fuck it, you won!'-.. k-rino
  7. Bump this page, and have a great year guys.
  8. Re: How do you want to be remembered after you die? A worthless motherfucker!
  9. You probably won't read this but please just take a few minutes of your time. I am an aspiring artist with a dream like many of you. I have no way of promoting myself and I would appreciate it if you checked out my channel and liked this comment. You could change my life. Thank You!
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